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lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

The portray of an ignorant..

(The portrait of an "ignorant").

(The breakfast with my friend (Joe) ... In Restaurant crossing ..

My prerogative is: write about what I have experienced; and not about what I read; and ( "contrast before review"). Be cautious, should be a fundamental rule; and before review we should be well informed; and contrast information (why ignorance).

Floor occasionally see TV spots or radio talk shows; (And network), considered by some as a means of communication, to disuse, to give my opinion on past or current events; and a brief analysis of what could happen in the future.

Almost always this opinion is based on the study; and hiring data, verification of sources; and especially in almost absolute and unnecessary use of the viscera. There is nothing more complex, let it be anger, to develop the central plot of an opinion.

However, that happens in very few places already. Almost all people who think, based on what they see or read, in social networks, where at the end of a story taken from sources without contrast, becomes law. And so the opinion forward biased in a tangle of contradictions, where the end who thinks, becomes the central axis of the opinion; trying to convey.

And then on the other hand, there is the opinion always supported in the party. That is dangerous. The opinion prejudge. On many occasions we have encountered throughout life, with people who have treated us to take a view on a third party; when we had just met him; or on an issue that we only have one bad information. In this social networks are terrible, we judge; and just generally we are tried for petty issues, phrases and even silly comments sometimes nothing predictable, escaping in a conversation with strangers.

(A.N.B.) Do not judge me if you do not know me. (A. Antonio Pedrosa).