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Soy sincero, y por ello me gusta que lo sean conmigo, hay cosas que no se pueden fingir,cuando se esta solo, como son el dolor; y los sentimientos..

domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Vendedores de humo...


Advantages that I have on the disadvantages of those who sustain a political post:

1 º-The politician always has to go uniformed do it fried or it is hot; to give an image of tidiness, while I can go I desire since it in every moment..
2 º-The politician, has to be to the orders of the party (discipline of party); " because of it it of whom it moves it does not go out in the photo ", having to produce accounts to the Superiors and to the voters, and they have to say yes when they should to say not, (Always to put good face though the guts burn him), this one sold and "prisoners" it is the price that it has to pay, to be kept in the post, me I neither owe anybody to myself, nobody has to say to me what I must make or say..