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Soy sincero, y por ello me gusta que lo sean conmigo, hay cosas que no se pueden fingir,cuando se esta solo, como son el dolor; y los sentimientos..

martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

All for Pineda de Mar (Barcelona)..

"There are people who having had everything to succeed, just fail after having squandered his gifts" (credibility). All know people like that, sometimes, sentence we would have done better, if we had the same cards, but neither things are so simple, and letters are the same they seem. Similarly, there are cities and towns, that being privileged climate, resources and people languish in inaction, if not directly engaged bleed, alone or with the help of a neighbor.

There is nothing easier than to investigate the causes, there are cities that seem blessed by the gods, but ruined for reasons that border on the abnormal overflow defy logic and the most knowledgeable, cities that are not in the third world, but work less that many there; governed in democratic regimes, but in ways that are practiced worth beyond the Iron Curtain, with access to culture and education, but that seems to live in the sleeping people that conforms to his ranch Daily, People, well, like where I live. Pineda de Mar..

Could ensure that if Pineda had materialized tenth of the promised projects and investments throughout the last twenty years, would, in addition to full employment, the most advanced people in the world with more art, more sports facilities, the more industrialized, the greenest, the cleanest, the best statement of best political class and the most distinguished. Obviously, we do not. Why?. For a lethal combination of ignorance, lack of drive citizen and lack of political honesty.

So much for the past and present. (Those who will go there now, and others will come, and I hope that everything remains the same) ..

I yearn (I have cravings), that one day the people decide they do not like their leaders laugh at him, unwilling to accept that their political class itself give away with good wine at the top of the summit, while pouring their waste on the mob who sits in the low and in the cave of ignorance. Maybe one day decide that the Pinedenses are not monkeys, which are not rabble, who are not blind, nor deaf, nor dumb. And they understand that although this city is sinking into decay, another Pineda is possible.