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Soy sincero, y por ello me gusta que lo sean conmigo, hay cosas que no se pueden fingir,cuando se esta solo, como son el dolor; y los sentimientos..

martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

God save my land..

Andalusia has been married to his jailers. Being potentially the richest region of Spain has become the poorest in Europe, because the culture of "theft" and "scam" and opacity, which has been submerged. And this has happened is nothing but a total and follows.A region where an individual, openly and demonstrably corrupt factual is the winner of an election, is a region seriously ill.

Andalucia has given a further step towards the abyss, and said this, I add more, and so it hurts less every day, in Andalucia, 30 years have been for nothing, is followed by unemployment, topics, poverty, and ignorance, this even increased, but also has been added corruption to this journey of autonomy, "not needed saddlebags" and so, it would have saved thousands of regional deputies, hundreds of ex-presidents, and thousands of "minions" (plugged in) .. I said 30 years for nothing, so friends every day hurts less Andalucia. Without denying my roots, but not bow down to injustice .. Spain changes but little, by little and Andalusia is more than ever the caboose. It is a shame. P.S. Isaiah 5:13 .. Therefore my people go into exile, because he had no knowledge: and their honorable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.