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miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

The never end story....

In any sector or activity area, when someone hires and pays a professional to do a job that, that tells it what he wants, what he intends to achieve and, as appropriate, says the result you want. In the popular tradition is said "he who pays the charge." 

This happens in all professional fields, except in the political, once they are hired (with a four of years, regardless of how they work without trial) are devoted to spending money from their bosses (our ) as they please without asking ever. What if payers are unhappy? It's a four years without possibility of correction during that time, regardless of the nonsense that makes the "employee". 

And so they do what they want. Moreover, do things that last longer than four years. Thus, if the contract finish citizens decided to hire other professionals a little more honest and take them into account, they discover that the money was spent before they were given at that time and further into debt in your name! for the following years. But how is that possible? Ah, because during this quadrennium do what gives them the very real gains. 

P.C.A. With a smile not won a people, nor a dress "tomorrow" ..