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Soy sincero, y por ello me gusta que lo sean conmigo, hay cosas que no se pueden fingir,cuando se esta solo, como son el dolor; y los sentimientos..

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

¿Fe o interes?..

"Faith means not wanting to know the truth." (Friedrich Nietzsche). "Palmero" up to the palm, and tell those palmeristas, who clapped with reason, things that are logical ..

"Some With blind faith, they see the mistakes of the Mayor" ... Some people have such blind faith, nor criticize or stop to criticize the mayor (even if the criticism is constructive), I think it will be for interest rather than by faith ...

Faith can not handle criticism, faith can not accept criticism, because then it ceases to be faith. By believing in a political (or Mayor), and have complete faith that the Political (or Mayor) will do and accomplish what he promised in his election speech, and believe everything he says and, that his word is truth, have to stick blindly to the word of political, (or Mayor), anyone who is either. At the time of doubt, criticize or change the word of both honesty criticizing these same two (political and Mayor), then these "gods" become something "fallible", therefore, can not and then be something truly "infallible", then there is no "gods".
Faith is a necessary state for any politician (or Mayor), if critical, would not have "gods" and therefore would not have neither political nor Mayors ..
I still I have no faith, I just think if I see, so I'm a believer, because, a belief, as opposed to the faith is not blind.
A belief is something dynamic, which can be modified without the concept, which is the product of that belief is necessarily see destroyed.
P. S. The wise fool doubt when he says, I doubt a lot of faith ....