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Soy sincero, y por ello me gusta que lo sean conmigo, hay cosas que no se pueden fingir,cuando se esta solo, como son el dolor; y los sentimientos..

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

El condado de la Pineda..

The   County of  Pineda de Mar (Barcelona): The Count "Love", "The Count" Love "(Once upon a time), a small town, where a county was intended to do, (and where the City hall was his castle): Originally a county, was a minor territorial division within a kingdom, as principalities. County was obviously under the protection of a Count and the people living in certain taxes, taxed that the noble or lord feudal fixed, usually abusive turn territorial conflicts if the inhabitants of the county were recruited for war in favor of the noble. This was in the Middle Ages, long time ago, but apparently the story here for some want a repeat. There in Spain, municipalities, acting as feudal lords acted wanting to transform the town in a county, making rules and laws that only the King competes (in the modern case the Prime Minister). these new taxes on those who want to submit "some municipalities" are in reality a form of opreción, when the town is mortgaged, and the municipalities as before, asking us to fight with them, we have confidence in their work. already come  better times, when they live with a pribilegios the "vassal", and not get a salary that few citizens have and also make and break your whole heart and will, dividing spoils among his "gentlemen ". giving highly paid bitalicios places. (trust Positions). P.c.a. Honesty not only have to have it, you have to prove it .